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Article Account with you - Can I manage this easily?
We offer to our customers and easy way to manage their account with us so we can keep them...
Views: 569
Article Allocating web space free to friends and family - Can I do that?
Yes you can using a sub directory e.g Just make sure in the 'mum' folder you...
Views: 571
Article ASP - Do you host websites written in .asp?
Yes we do. We offer ASP Apache. We have remote MySQL plus Mod_mono installed for your .NET...
Views: 549
Article Assigning the name servers - Please explain what this means
For your domain name to become visible on the Internet, you have to inform the main Whois...
Views: 2253
Article Blogging - How do I get started?
Choose our NO FUSS hosting plan and we will even install your blog for you. You can be blogging...
Views: 2129
Article Breadcrumbs - What are they?
Breadcrumbs are very important to help you to easily navigate a website, especially if you are...
Views: 615
Article Building my website - Do I need any experience in making web pages myself?
No you do not need any experience and we will help you to get your new website live. We offer a...
Views: 660
Article Content - What am I permitted on my site?
You are permitted anything on your site, excluding: child pornography, illegal material, hate...
Views: 554
Article Discounts - Will you offer me one if I have more than one website?
We do offer discounts if you have more than one domain to be hosted. Visit our reseller page here...
Views: 567
Article Domain names- Do I get to use my own domain name?
Yes you do. We are able to host ALL international domain names with any extension. All...
Views: 602
Article Domain names- Where can I get a domain name from?
We will do it all for you, without any fuss. All names are registered in your name -...
Views: 572
Article Domain pointers (redirection) - Can I direct other domain names I own to my site hosted with you?
A domain pointer is a second domain that points to the exact same site as your original...
Views: 2681
Article eCommerce - Can I use a shopping cart?
You can use any shopping cart you like and there are thousands to choose from on the Internet to...
Views: 545
Article Email addresses - Can I choose my own?
Of course you can! Depending on the plan chosen it is up to you what they will be e.g....
Views: 570
Article FTP- What is FTP?
File Transfer Protocol. This is the way you 'put' your files to our server. You can...
Views: 2462
Article FTP- When can I start to upload?
As soon as you receive your set-up email. If your payment was made by credit card, then within 10...
Views: 563
Article Getting Started- What do I do first?
Decide on a domain name - e.g. Register your domain name with us before someone...
Views: 639
Article Hidden costs - Tell me what they are!
Boy do we get asked this one lots! None! Nothing! Zilch! What is listed on this site is...
Views: 546
Article Instant setup - Do you do this?
We certainly do which means you can get your website live as quickly as possible, with as little...
Views: 587
Article Moving my website to you - how is this done?
Nothing to worry about! It is very easy and we will guide you through the process. You do not...
Views: 650
Article Name servers - What are they?
Is the address of your web host's computer where your website is stored. Example:
Views: 537
Article Order process - What is it?
Complete the order form Make your direct deposit or credit card payment at the checkout...
Views: 596
Article Other languages -Can I use them on my site?
Any language is supported.
Views: 553
Article Password access - Can I restrict who views my website?
Plesk allows you to password protect directories of your website. A pop-up log on window appears...
Views: 541
Article Payment methods - Which ones do you accept?
We accept direct deposits, VISA and Mastercard payments with PayPal as our payment processor. You...
Views: 570
Article Payment- What is your payment plan?
We offer monthly or annual payment options. If you pay annually you save 25%.
Views: 535
Article Plesk - What does it offer?
GEEK SPEAK WARNING! We are currently using Plesk version 9.3.0 and it offers: Set-up email...
Views: 601
Article Plesk - What is it?
Plesk is a brand of software we use to allow you to connect to our server and manage your website...
Views: 565
Article Reselling - Can I resell your hosting?
We have simplified our reseller program. Now anyone who refers a customer to us is given 25%...
Views: 707
Article Restrictions- What can I put on the site?
EZY4U Hosting as a public Internet hosting provider does not censor legal web content...
Views: 517
Article Selling online - What do you offer?
Views: 617
Article Statistics- How do I know who is visiting my site?
When you log on to your Plesk hosting control panel, there is a button for easy access to your...
Views: 578
Article Support - What level of support do you provide?
As we are a web based business, email is the quickest way for us to respond to your...
Views: 552
Article Terminating Account- How much notice is to be given?
To cancel your account you must email us and we will send a confirmation cancellation...
Views: 512
Article Transferring/moving my website to you - What down time will I experience?
Because we give you access to the hosting server BEFORE you have changed the nameservers to point...
Views: 567
Article Webmail - What is it?
Webmail allows you to view your emails via an Internet browser such as Internet Explorer using...
Views: 647
Article Webmaster - My webmaster/staff member looks after my website. Is that a problem?
We have no problems dealing with your webmaster or staff member. Please be aware that you must...
Views: 560
Article Website backups - How often do you do this?
All data stored on our servers is backed up daily. Each backup writes over the previous one....
Views: 555

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