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Uploading your website - Option 2 using Windows

1. Open Internet Explorer

2. Type: into the address bar. Next a pop-up window appears asking for your FTP details.

N.B Not http!


3. In your hosting set-up email the FTP details will be listed like this:

FTP Hostname: as per email
FTP Username: as per email
FTP Password: as per email

4. Below is what you will see next. To view this FTP site in Windows Explorer, click Page, and then click Open FTP Site in Windows Explorer. You will need to give your FTP log on details again.

5. After you log in, the below image is what you will see. Your computer files [known as local] on the left and the files on the hosting server [known as remote] on the right.

6. Open a second Windows Explorer window. This will make it easier to drag and drop your website files from your computer to the server. All your files [including your images] need to be uploaded to the httpdocs folder on the right side [see above].

7. Go to your browser [Internet Explorer] and type in your web address to test: or - either will work.



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