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Blogging - How do I get started?

Choose our NO FUSS hosting plan and we will even install your blog for you. You can be blogging using your own domain name within 1 - 24 hours!


For only $96.00 you will receive:

  1. 12 month's NO FUSS web hosting instantly set up
  2. Easy to follow instructions and tutorials to get you started
  3. Your blog installed within 1 working day [make sure you let us know you want a blog installed!]
  4. One email address set up so you do not have to worry about doing this yourself []
  5. A range of useful blog plugins installed [see below] to help you create an amazing blog


You will be able to:

  1. Sack your webmaster as you will have total control over your website
  2. Change the look of your blog just by clicking the activate button - there are zillions of free templates on the Internet to use
  3. Automatically update your Twitter and Facebook pages with your latest posts
  4. Add in all the hidden 'tags' that Google requires to find your website so you make your blog search engine friendly [SEO]
  5. Have your blog create a Google Sitemap for you, plus automaticaly upload it AND tell Google you have one
  6. Easily upload your images to your blog image library
  7. Tell your blog to backup itself up every day
  8. Conduct online polls
  9. Create a mobile/cell phone version


Check out how these fulltime professional bloggers got started:

  1. Young House Love
  2. Bumfuzzle - the beginning [2003], Bumfuzzle - today
  3. Dooce
  4. DaDa Rocks
  5. Dad-O-Matic
  6. Real Men Drive Minivans
  7. Dadcentric
  8. The Perfect Pantry


Why blog:

  • You are a stay at home mum/mom and need to earn an income
  • You home school your children and want to share your experiences
  • You have a disability and find it difficult to get employment
  • You are living in the country/bush and would like to supplement the farm income
  • You have knowledge and expertise which others will find interesting


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