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Folder 1. Pre-purchase FAQs (39)
The most asked questions we have answered over the past 15 years as a web host.
Folder 2. Getting Started With Your Client Account (1)
Information on using the CLIENT AREA on the EZY4Uhosting website.
Folder 3. Getting Started With Plesk Hosting Control Panel (3)
Learn Plesk, creating email addresses, changing FTP passwords etc.
Folder 4. Common Problems (11)
Hopefully you will find a solution here before submitting a support ticket.
Folder 5. Post-purchase FAQs (6)
Once your account has been set up, these FAQs may be helpful to you.
Folder 6. How Tos (6)
Here you will find step by step instructions plus screen shots to get you started.

Most Popular Articles

Article Domain pointers (redirection) - Can I direct other domain names I own to my site hosted with you?
A domain pointer is a second domain that points to the exact same site as your original domain. It cannot point to a...
Views: 2681
Article FTP- What is FTP?
File Transfer Protocol. This is the way you 'put' your files to our server. You can also retrieve files from our server and this is known...
Views: 2462
Article Assigning the name servers - Please explain what this means
For your domain name to become visible on the Internet, you have to inform the main Whois database the name server address of where your website is...
Views: 2253
Article Blogging - How do I get started?
Choose our NO FUSS hosting plan and we will even install your blog for you. You can be blogging using your own domain name within 1 - 24 hours!...
Views: 2127
Article Reselling - Can I resell your hosting?
We have simplified our reseller program. Now anyone who refers a customer to us is given 25% commission of the total hosting sale. Read more here...
Views: 707

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