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Why Every Business Needs A Domain And Web Hosting Provider?

posted on Mar 07, 2016 under web hosting domain name shared hosting

In the world of business, everything has changed from time to time. In the past two decades, they are relying more on the traditional ways of exposing our respective businesses. In other words, they’re doing mostly offline marketing in the form of flyers, leaflets, TV and radio advertisements, and a lot more. As of today, they’re still practicing the traditional forms of marketing, but in an improved way. Right now, there’s what we call the online marketing. Most businesses worldwide are now taking advantage of the internet in terms of gaining exposure and traffic.

But in order for them to do that, they need to have their own website. A website is one important tool for them to increase their brand and exposure to their targeted customers in the internet. Without a website, there’s no way that they can make a name for themselves. Although there are free website platforms out there, it seems that it doesn’t meet the overall needs of your business. As a businessman, you nee... read more

Four Reasons Why You Should Have A Dedicated Server

posted on Mar 07, 2016 under web hosting dedicated hosting dedicated servers

No matter if you are owning a blog, website or application, you definitely need a dedicated server. Some of you might say that dedicated server is not really needed for brand new websites or so. Most of you are relying more on shared hosting due to its affordable price. But you might not know what sort of limitations does they have for you. Shared hosting is indeed a good choice for beginners who are starting out their respective websites. But the problem is that the features being given to them are limited, in which it’s not enough for them to maximize their websites’ full potential. This is why as website, blog or application owners, you definitely need to consider dedicated server hosting. There are great features here that shared hosting doesn’t have.

Here are the four reasons why you should consider having a dedicated server of your own:

#1: Unique IP address

In shared hosting, multiple websites are sharing the same IP address you have. Like for example, if one of yo... read more

The Importance of VPS Hosting To Online Businesses

posted on Mar 07, 2016 under web hosting vps hosting

Most of the offline and online businesses today are using shared hosting to manage their respective websites. They say that it’s enough for them, but it’s not. Although they respect what the shared hosting features has in store for them, but the features aren’t good enough yet to meet their overall expectations. If you are serious to maximize your potential in doing online business for your respective niche, you need to have a virtual private server hosting. This is something you should be considering for your business, and it’s really essential.

Without further ado, here are the reasons why VPS is important to online businesses:

#1: Fast, reliable and secured

Unlike shared hosting features, VPS is completely reliable, secured and fast. You know why? It’s because in a few years from now, their reliability is in question. Although it’s fine to host your website in a shared hosting server, but the uptime would be affected for good. With a VPS hosting, you can have more stab... read more