Four Reasons Why You Should Have A Dedicated Server

posted on Mar 07, 2016 under web hosting dedicated hosting dedicated servers

No matter if you are owning a blog, website or application, you definitely need a dedicated server. Some of you might say that dedicated server is not really needed for brand new websites or so. Most of you are relying more on shared hosting due to its affordable price. But you might not know what sort of limitations does they have for you. Shared hosting is indeed a good choice for beginners who are starting out their respective websites. But the problem is that the features being given to them are limited, in which it’s not enough for them to maximize their websites’ full potential. This is why as website, blog or application owners, you definitely need to consider dedicated server hosting. There are great features here that shared hosting doesn’t have.

Here are the four reasons why you should consider having a dedicated server of your own:

#1: Unique IP address

In shared hosting, multiple websites are sharing the same IP address you have. Like for example, if one of your friends are under the same IP you have and owning an illegal website, it means that you are affected as well. But with dedicated server hosting, you are having a bit of privacy. In other words, your website is having its own IP address rather than sharing it to others.

#2: No maintaining equipment needed

Although this may be costing you a bit, but it’s absolutely worth it. If you are having a problem in terms of server management, the dedicated hosting can take care of it for you. It reduces the overhead expense like buying additional server space for your website or business. This is especially for those websites who are dealing with a lot of traffic on their part.

#3: Not a shared server

You gain full access of all the resources in one single server with dedicated server hosting. There’s no way that your server may be slowing down even if there’s a spike in your bandwidth, CPU or RAM. This is one important reason that you should be getting a dedicated server on your own.

#4: Flexible, secured and enhanced performance

If you want more flexibility, security and performance enhancement, dedicated server hosting is the right choice. In shared hosting, you only have limited options to customize everything on your part, especially the software. With dedicated server, you are having the freedom to install customized software and applications without any restrictions. Not only that, it provides uptime that is guaranteed compared to shared hosting.

Dedicated server hosting is something you should be considered these days. Even though that shared hosting is good enough for them, but dedicated server can provide much more for your overall needs.